This Is Why Interior Design Companies Dubai Is So Famous!

Al Katheeb Interiors LLC is among the best interior fitout business in Dubai, UAE. Architect Joakim de Rham is as well the co-founder of Adeli & de Rham Interior Design SA in Lausanne, Switzerland, a well reputed firm established in 1999 specialized in commercial and residential projects. We provide our customers a purchase of luxury furniture and exclusive interior decoration. Therefore we also give installation & design for any MEP design services such as but not limited to HVAC, plumbing, electric works, fire alarms and fire fighting.

If you would like your company to have the same complex, classy and modern ambiance, then Mod Studio is the fit out design company to call. That is one of the reasons many people have sought us out to interior design company in Dubai their needs for interior layout. With more than a decade of expertise in both interior design and creation, We design insides knowing the practicalities – an understanding that form follows function”.

Before staring the design procedure of your inside first of all the interior decorator need to run a series of talks with all the customers essentially to be aware of the kind of designing the person needs. This helps ensure that the customers are given more options in regards to picking from a fragrance of great design choices.

The interior designer simplifies what exists (renovation) or supplies an entirely new design for a room (new build). Some of the customers used to make changes in their agreed design when the design is already approved, for making these change the customer should have different meeting / meetings with all the designer to finalize the layout.

At Idea Art , we do more than just design – we interpret the character, needs and wants of our customers, and translate that knowledge to a spatial concept that reflects the totality of all three facets. This set of conversations with the customer and designer finally lead to a mutual agreement about the prerequisites and it’ll help to know the aspiration and desires of the client in terms of his interior layout.

With the experience we have in the subject of designing and supervising the implementation of education-related projects, we can supply you with any essential institutional design support, be it for a college, a university, a training centre, a laboratory or a library. Be creative, and incorporate your personal input in the job, while we provide technical guidance to ensure that all aspects of the interior design work together.

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